American Empire Federal Furniture Flame Mahogany Chest of Drawers Dresser

American Empire Federal Furniture Flame Mahogany Chest of Drawers Dresser

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Gorgeous American Empire Federal Furniture Flame Mahogany Antique Dresser Chest of Drawers….Circa 1810-1825

Fully restored by yours truly to museum exhibition status! I think you will find this piece spectacular!!

First of all let me tip my hat to the original cabinetmaker & creator of this masterpiece work of art! His outstanding craftsmanship, selection & usage of incredible wood grains is superb, the attention to detail is impeccable, the making of the upper curved drawers, the paw feet, incredible carved Doric columns, etc, etc set high fat above tge crowd of cabinetmakers!

This is a historic American piece of history that I have had the honor & privilege to preserve for the ages!!

Something that drew me right away to this chest is it’s height off the floor, I like the vertical lift & command it gives this chest of drawers!!

The drawer fronts feature incredible grain selection & the very precise book matching(lower 4 drawers)of the grain where the veneers were joined in the middle of the drawer fronts of this chest. The upper drawers are gorgeous with the curving drawer fronts  the smaller middle top drawer has crossbanded mahogany that I purposely restored with different tones of mahogany to make this drawer stand out!!The rest of the chest features solid mahogany & solid cherry woods. The secondary woods are tulip poplar!

This 7 drawer chest has fantastic grains throughout. This chest was entirely hand crafted.

A somewhat rare and beautiful feature is the style of the curved drawer fronts of the 2 upper row outside drawers

It features incredible precise hand cut dovetail joinery on all 4 corners of each drawer, the drawers also feature hand planed(chamfered) drawer bottoms

The drawers have solid brass inlaid keyhole escutcheons.All of the locks work perfectly with the period style iron key.(2 locks are period antique replacements). The small top row drawer features original brass lock with a neat double iron bolt.  There are 2 keys included, one fits the small upper row drawer & the other fits all the other locks. Locks are all in excellent working order!I love the "click" sound that these antique locks make and the feel when you turn the key, it is amazing! Especially considering these are nearly 250 years old.!!!

I restored the chest from top to bottom , leaving no stone unturned. Every drawer was  meticulously taken apart & restored. Hours& hours were spent enabling the drawers to be museum quality & slide properly! This is a detail that many so called restorers never fully grasp & do not execute to this extremely high level!

You have to be very patient & meticulous to obtain the world class results on the entire piece, not cutting any corners along the way!! 

Hard to believe, but the bear paw feet someone had sawed off the toes on both feet about 1/2 flat across, that’s how I acquired it! It never ceases to amaze me the things I encounter that have been done to antiques, just when I think I have seen it all, surprise, surprise! I carefully added back mahogany & hand carved all the toes back in place, they look fantastic & you would probably have never known if I did not point the restoration of the toes out to you!

I believe this chest had some sort of backsplash, it was missing when I acquired the chest!

I restored the finish by hand, with many, many coats of hand rubbed varnish showcasing all the spectacular grains, the depth and luster of the finish is superb!

The gorgeous hand turned mahogany drawer pulls are original. I really love the shape & detail of the mushroom mahogany knobs.

The recessed flat panel sides and all the trim details, make for a stunning chest of drawers.

I love the beautiful Corinthian post/columns in combination with the bear paw feet. They beautifully frame the entire chest making it spectacular!

Consistent with any fine antique you will find nicks, dings,worn edges, veneer restorations including imperfections in this chest & plenty of age related beauty marks, many of which I left in place by design to preserve the original character! All of this making it the wonderful antique that it is! This amazing patina and character which has been acquired over 225 years on the planet! Oh, the stories this great chest could tell!

The wonderful rich colors, beautiful grains and amazing drawers by a historic cabinetmaker, all combine to make this a highly sought after chest of drawers..........a classic beauty with superb craftsmanship awaits you!! I think I have been able to return this to its former glory, perhaps you will agree & acquire it!!

All the best, Bryan

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