I have performed appraisals for customers from all across the United States.These can be done virtually as well as in person, sometimes a combination of both methods.Of course sometimes I need to see the piece in person & virtual will not work!

My expertise is furniture from the 15th -18th centuries(1600's-1900's) I am an expert in case goods from the this time period. I am very knowledgeable in most forms of furniture from these periods including folk art & primitives.

Every item is considered on a case by case basis, We can discuss your specific situation to determine if it is within my areas of expertise & the costs involved.

High quality digital images emailed to me to properly evaluate your piece. I will also need all the history/provenance information details from you. Any makers marks, tags, labels need to be documented in your photos. Any losses, flaws, noteworthy areas, special features, damage or anything that seems important should be documented with photos.

When I have the necessary documentation to properly evaluate your piece I will proceed to study & analyze all the information. This will include doing any research needed that pertains to properly evaluating your piece.

I have done extensive study on the historical development of furniture & the construction methods & techniques of antiques.I have been working with wood since I was about 12 years old. An artist and master craftsman with fine antique restoration. Antiques are evaluated down to the finest details including the age of nails, screws & specific woods used in construction, this among many thousands of details. No stone remains unturned in the evaluation & judgement of your piece. 

Some customers will request a "guesstimate" or "ball park" appraisal. This is not something I provide. Without doing a thorough & complete evaluation my judgement would likely be flawed. My clients want & demand the best of the best and that is what I provide.

Payment Terms: We discuss your specific project  & costs before I begin the work. The appraisal needs to be paid in full by cash, check or credit card. Then I will complete your appraisal usually within 1-7 business days after full payment & all requested information is received by me. Of course some cases take longer to research based on the complexity involved. I will email my report & also usually review my findings with you by phone.

Appraisals are excellent to determine exactly what you own, the age range when it was made, possible country of origin, materials used to make the piece & many technical details about the piece. Many people have no idea how old their piece is, or where it was made, what type of woods/materials it is made from etc. This is a perfect way to find the answers to your questions.

After an evaluation I provide a valuation range for your piece, that does not mean that is what it will sell for. It is a range for the value of the piece based on all the factors mentioned above. Ultimately the market would determine the value, my value range is a reasonable guideline for it's worth at the time of my appraisal based on a multitude of factors.