Restoration & Preservation Services


I have been working with wood & antiques for over 45 years. I love to restore antiques to museum quality. I practiced dentistry for 18 years. My attention to detail and surgical precision has helped me become a master artist & craftsman in fine antique restoration.

My specialty is restoring case goods with my forte being 1700-1800's.The Federal period is a particular favorite of mine. I accept new restoration work on a case by case basis. I will pour my heart & soul into every project. My clients desire & expect world class results and I deliver! Your antique will be restored with an eye toward preservation while fully respecting the antique patina & character of the piece.

My clients are deeply satisfied with their pieces which are restored to full glory. Feel free to read my client testimonials!

The most frequent comments I have heard over many years when clients see my work is "wow", "amazing'' & "you are an artist"

To restore a world class antique back to full glory it requires a special set of skills & incredible attention to detail. That means every area of your antique is carefully evaluated & restored as needed. I have the hands of a master craftsman. My artistic eye allows me to restore pieces to a level of breathtaking beauty. Each piece will speak to me about how it needs to be restored as I listen to the still small voice before & during my restoration work!

This method results in stunning pieces that have a richness & life imparted in them which can only be obtained by all of these skills combined. Many antiques appear lifeless restored in the conventional purely mechanical fashion. My skills as a master artist & craftsman is what allows pieces to become world class treasures.

If you desire the finest in antique restoration & preservation, please call and we can discuss your particular project!


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