1825 Walnut Federal Inlaid Eagle Side Table Nightstand

1825 Walnut Federal Inlaid Eagle Side Table Nightstand

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World Class......Incredibly beautiful, Patriotic, Americana at its finest. Stately Presidential sophistication...this piece would look right at home in the Oval office of White House 


Circa 1795-1825


Restored to full glory & a custom inlaid medallion to add world class flair


I restore fine antiques & knew this piece had greatness in it's bones when I laid eyes on it


The antique drawer pull is exquisite, I polished it to showcase it's beauty. It also looks fantastic with the American Black Walnut wood. Notice all the great detailing in the brass. The knob I carefully selected from my private stash of antique hardware, it goes perfectly with this piece, stately looking!


This piece was painted an unsightly(not original) aqua blue when I acquired it, it was a sad site for sore eyes


The entire piece was in need of meticulous complete restoration from top to bottom


Finish is fully hand restored with many coats of hand rubbed varnish to showcase the gorgeous walnut, inlaid medallion and the insides of the drawer


Made from gorgeous thick planks of solid(no veneers)American Black Walnut...factoring in the growth time, the walnut is easily 300-400 years old. The drawer insides are tulip poplar


No doubt all handmade by an early American craftsman


Well executed hand cut dovetail drawer joinery at all 4 corners 


Hand planed drawer bottom


Hand turned legs...the proportions of the legs are perfectly balanced with the table look/design


I love the top, it is one solid plank of walnut with some tiger/burled grain on the left side...some age related shrinkage cracks which are stable, I think they add tremendous character


I pegged the 4 corners of the top with solid walnut pegs to secure the top & add artistic beauty to the piece


The crown jewel is the medallion I inlaid...it is the "Great Seal" of the United States of America. The Great Seal was commissioned to be created in the late 1776 by the Continental Congress as a symbol for our New Country following the Revolutionary War, The final design was not agreed upon until 1782. It says "E. Pluribus Unum" which means "Out of many, one"....This eagle & design became the iconic symbol for what America stood for. Of course the American Bald Eagle has always been one of America's powerful symbols



This piece would look wonderful in an Executive office, perhaps a CEO or company President's private office. It would look fantastic in any home. It has that Presidential Stately look. 


The final result of my restoration is exactly what I had envisioned, a gorgeous artistic American antique with my customized personal touch, that is why my client's all say I am an artist!


I guarantee this to be a one of a kind treasure, a world class piece!


I have restored this fine table to museum quality, it was pure joy to create this fine piece


Like all fine antiques there are character marks consistent with it's age, they make it unique & beautiful


All the best, Bryan


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Top...23 1/2(wide) X 20(deep)

Tall...28 1/2

Drawer front...3 1/2 X 17 1/2