Dental Antique Primitive Folk Art Americana Advertising Trade Sign

Dental Antique Primitive Folk Art Americana Advertising Trade Sign

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Fantastic Americana dental antique  Circa 1850



I retired from dentistry, this piece has been in my private collection for over 25 years.


This is advertisement for Brown Brothers in Austin, Illinois.... Austin is located on the Western edge of Chicago.


This piece was discovered by my mother inside a children's book


This is hand printed on a napkin type material.It most likely was displayed in a hotel/restaurant to advertise the dentist and his services.


Notice there is no phone number for his office, this no doubt was made before telephones were invented.


Notice in the ad the wording & terms they use for their services is very interesting. They are covering all of the marketing bases.


I love their street address, it is the classic status symbol address "Park Avenue".


I researched these dentists at the Chicago Public Library,one of these brothers seems to have been a physician and shared a practice with his brother who was a dentist. 


This piece has been professionally mounted and framed and is in excellent condition. There is one hole & some scratches in the paper on the back of the frame. Notice how the framers made a narrow window in  the matte to let the red show through.


This is a very rare and unique find, I have never seen another piece like it! 


This would be great displayed in any dental office or private Americana collection!!....all the best Bryan Stahl DDS



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FRAME OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS(inches)...18 3/4" x 18 3/4"