1725 Pine Immigrant Trunk Dome Blanket Chest

1725 Pine Immigrant Trunk Dome Blanket Chest

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World Class Antique Chest


I restored this big & beautiful primitive chest to museum quality

Circa 1695-1750

This will look great anywhere you decide to place it, I think at the foot of a bed, near a fireplace, in an entryway or in a living room are some great choices. I guarantee it will forever get rave reviews from all who lay eyes upon it, no doubt a conversation piece

Original hand wrought hinges, lockset with their original hand forged rose head iron nails

The lift handles I repositioned the holes due to wood shrinkage the handles were not swiveling well, now they function excellent for their age

The iron key is new, custom formed & finished

The lid opens & closes perfectly, the lock set works beautifully, the key smoothly locks & unlocks the chest

FYI...the lock was designed to immediately lock upon closing the lid, so every time the lid closes it automatically locks & requires the key to open it, this is an important safety feature to know!

I love the original hand wrought rimset(surface mounted) lockset including the spear shaped latch which goes into the lockset. The spring on the lockset is built like a battleship, it is very strong, an amazing feat for being 300 years old

This chest has hand forged "rose head" wrought iron nails, they are original to the chest.....there are some new reproduction rose head nails I used to secure the inside straps of the handles and the spear latch inside the lid.

 The character marks and graining of the pine is superb, I love the wormy tunnel marks in the wood throughout the chest, especially prominent on the back and lower sides. Several of the lower edges of the feet have extensive wormy holes/tunnel marks, it makes for incredible character.The rustic knots, splits. nicks, dings and imperfections & patina give it tremendous beauty & historical charm

This chest is nearly 300 years old, that means the solid pine wood planks are likely 450-500 years

The chest was constructed using hand made hardwood dowel pegs...there are some iron nails used on the trim around the top..no doubt added over the years

I hand restored the finish including the backside of the chest using many coats of hand rubbed varnish to preserve, protect and showcase the incredible solid pine planks

There is age related shrinkage gaps in the floor of the chest, I made no attempt to restore them, they are strong, solid...you can easily see the original hand made dowel pegs that join them together

I restored the entire chest to museum quality respecting its history, character, structure, integrity and primitive beauty consistent with any fine antique 

I had to restore a piece of the lower left side trim panel at the ground level near the front corner, it was damaged....it is now rock solid

Of course this chest features hand cut dovetail joinery at all 4 corners of the entire chest including the lid, no easy feat since the chest sides taper in at the bottom. Notice how the dovetails vary in size, another indication of it's age along with the hand wrought rose headed nails, the hand made dowel peg construction, the hand wrought iron hardware, the very, very rare & unique style of lockset & of course the overall construction style, design & form of the chest

I installed the chain to allow for a safe hands free open position of the lid

There is the original candle box/till inside the chest, it is in pristine condition & its lid opens & closes perfectly

The lid knob and back plate are solid brass and original to the chest, they are attached to a hand forged iron bolt & nut which secures them and the spear latch both at the same time

Acquire this chest & join my worldwide clients who love historic antiques, fine craftsmanship & artistic restoration by a master craftsman, you will love this wonderful treasure. 


All the best, Bryan                 


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Long...52 1/2

Widest area of lid...25

Width of side at floor level...20 3/4

High(floor to highest point of dome lid)...31 1/4


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